About Me

I first started exploring with leather when still in my teens, an Aunty and Uncle gave me the seven basic carving tools and a swivel knife.  Working on the land ever since I left school, making and fixing my own horse gear, seemed like a better option than paying for new gear.  
Over the years, my direction changed a little, moving into carving purses, wallets and book covers.  Growing from making gifts for family and friends to selling items at local markets and then in turn working on custom orders for complete strangers.  In this time, I started to make jewellery with fresh water pearls and swarovski crystals, eventually adding leather jewellery to the inventory.
Still working full-time on the land, my hobby was soon becoming a part time job, which I loved doing, striving each day towards the goal of this becoming my full time job.
Unique Leathercrafts & Jewellery was formed over 10 ago, when I decided it was time to change my hobby into a business format.  Still working full time as a statonhand/cook, I worked tirelessly on custom orders and products for field day events and local shows.
In late 2019,I had a horse accident and broke my back, while recovering, I decided it was time to expand my business, to include PVC travel/shopping bags. Not long after, I decided to make the change and I now work in my workshop full time and contract mustering, well it very part time.  I still try and ride my horses when I can, as my horses will always be apart of this journey.  
I love working on custom orders, especially when I delivery items and to see the people's reactions, makes it really feel worth while.